Terms and Conditions


1.       Rental Agreements commence on the delivery date for a Rental Period of one month and will be extended on a month by month basis (anniversary of date staged) until terminated by either party. For each consecutive month, the rental fee will be recharged with a 20% discount applied.


2.       The initial rental payment is due in full on delivery, and subsequent rental payments will be due in full on the month anniversary of the initial delivery date.  The customer will make such payments without prior notice, demand or invoice.


3.        The initial rental payment can be made by using Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cheque or Money Orders.  E-Transfers are also accepted.  Subsequent rental payments will be made by automatic pre-authorized credit card withdrawals.


4.       The customer is solely responsible for the rented furniture.  All the items will need to be returned to The Staging & Design House in the same condition as they were received.  In case of a breakage, tear, or any other damage incurred by the customer during the rental period, the customer will be required to cover the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement of the damaged items.


5.       The customer will be required to acknowledge the receipt of the rented items by signing the delivery receipt.


6.       Delivery and pick up can only be made by the delivery company selected by The Staging & Design House.


7.       The rented furniture cannot be removed from the address to which it has been delivered without the written consent from The Staging & Design House.


8.        If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! The Staging & Design House may substitute any items that are either unavailable or do not meet its quality standards with similar items of the same or higher value